The Fair Sales feature is released now

What is the Fair Sales?

What can investors do?

  1. Access to
  2. Buy fair sales with BUSD or BNB. Investors can buy multiple times within a specified period.
  3. Wait for the time to get the privileges. If investors don’t wait, investors can do a refund.

What are CowSwap investors’ privileges?

  1. Buy fair launch by the Fair Sales purchased amount. For example, if an investor buys Fair Sales 100 BUSD, the investor can join CowSwap Fair Launch and use 10 BUSD (10% purchased amount) for each pool in Fair Launch.
  2. When joining pools in CowSwap Fair Launch, the investor can receive enough tokens that Fair Launch projects committed and earn more profits.
  3. Investors can do a refund every time after buying a Fair Sales.
  4. More other privileges still are not revealed.

What purposes does CowSwap use the Fair Sales fund?

  1. Buy back 51% of the fund for the Gouda token and burn immediately.
  2. Use 49% of the funds for marketing and operations.



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