[Study & Earn] Fair Sales — A new concept in crypto?

2 min readJun 29, 2022

In ordinary business, a fair sale means that buyers and sellers exchange commodities or services prudently, knowingly, and under no necessity to buy or sell (i.e., other than a forced or liquidation sale). It is towards issues prohibiting sales of commodities below cost (except under particular circumstances) to create a fair environment for sellers of the same item.

In crypto, projects often raise funds with multi rounds and stop when tokens are listed. Project founders may use a part of the funds to buy back those tokens. Then the token price will increase. Luckily if the project has a profit, these tokens are valuable. But if the project fails or is a scam, these tokens will be driven to zero. Investors will hold worthless tokens and face many risks of losing money. Even so, many projects still make good products but don’t have enough money to operate products or marketing. So Fair Sales is mentioned that people invest more money in projects listing tokens, and project founders use this capital as a commitment and must share project benefits with investors. People can analyze data and consider projects carefully before investing. The project will have additional capital to develop. The parties support each other and succeed together.

In July, CowSwap will release a fair sales feature. What does it look like? We will explain this in more detail in the following articles. Thanks for your patience!

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